“Free Grace” Theology and Sacred Scripture

In my last post I reviewed the difference in Protestantism between what is often referred to as “Lordship Salvation” versus “Free Grace” theology.  The primary difference in these two schools of thought is whether repentance is part of a “saving faith" or whether it is a “work” and not necessary for salvation.  Those who hold … Continue reading “Free Grace” Theology and Sacred Scripture

“Lordship Salvation” versus “Free Grace” Theology

One of the more fundamental differences between most Protestant faiths and Catholicism is the understanding of the role that “faith” and “works” play in our salvation.  One of the more common claims leveled against Catholicism is that we are a “works based” salvation.  As Catholics we would disagree with that assessment.  And it’s important for … Continue reading “Lordship Salvation” versus “Free Grace” Theology

Martin Luther and the Four Salvation “Solas”

Martin Luther launches Protestantism in the sixteenth century on a foundation of five “solas” – the Latin word meaning “alone.”  One of these is “sola-Scriptura,” which deals directly with authority.  That topic will be covered at a later time.  The other four “solas” are related to a Protestant understanding of salvation.  Simply stated, the Protestant … Continue reading Martin Luther and the Four Salvation “Solas”

The Image of the Father and Penal Substitution Theology

I began this series on the atonement with a question about whether or not the crucifixion of Christ was God’s active will, or His permitted will.  The Cathechism provides the answer from the Catholic perspective: CCC600 To God, all moments of time are present in their immediacy.  When therefore he establishes his eternal plan of … Continue reading The Image of the Father and Penal Substitution Theology

An overview of Protestant Penal Substitution Theology

With the advent of Protestantism in the sixteenth century, the understanding of the atonement undergoes a significant change in thinking.  This theology is generally referred to as “penal substitution.”  As with the Catholic understanding, in this view Christ is our substitute.  The foundational difference is in the way he is standing in our place.  As … Continue reading An overview of Protestant Penal Substitution Theology

God’s Justice versus God’s Mercy

Is this six minute clip from Bishop Barron, he speaks to why the cross of Jesus was necessary.  I will summarize and expand on some of his points in this post, but I will not do justice to what he says, so if you have a few minutes it’s well worth the time. https://www.wordonfire.org/resources/video/why-was-the-cross-necessary-faith-seeks-understanding/122/ Bishop … Continue reading God’s Justice versus God’s Mercy