“Free Grace” Theology and Sacred Scripture

In my last post I reviewed the difference in Protestantism between what is often referred to as “Lordship Salvation” versus “Free Grace” theology.  The primary difference in these two schools of thought is whether repentance is part of a “saving faith" or whether it is a “work” and not necessary for salvation.  Those who hold … Continue reading “Free Grace” Theology and Sacred Scripture

Martin Luther and the Four Salvation “Solas”

Martin Luther launches Protestantism in the sixteenth century on a foundation of five “solas” – the Latin word meaning “alone.”  One of these is “sola-Scriptura,” which deals directly with authority.  That topic will be covered at a later time.  The other four “solas” are related to a Protestant understanding of salvation.  Simply stated, the Protestant … Continue reading Martin Luther and the Four Salvation “Solas”