God’s Justice versus God’s Mercy

Is this six minute clip from Bishop Barron, he speaks to why the cross of Jesus was necessary.  I will summarize and expand on some of his points in this post, but I will not do justice to what he says, so if you have a few minutes it’s well worth the time. https://www.wordonfire.org/resources/video/why-was-the-cross-necessary-faith-seeks-understanding/122/ Bishop … Continue reading God’s Justice versus God’s Mercy

God is immutable (He does not change), Part 2

The understanding that God is immutable in general is shared with other Christians.  For example, from this Evangelical site: Third, the immutability of God is related to His omniscience.  When someone changes his/her mind, it is often because new information has come to light that was not previously known or because the circumstances have changed … Continue reading God is immutable (He does not change), Part 2